How does Hao Style Taiji develop power?

The Hao style syllabus includes sets of exercises of varying length and complexity. These exercises are informed by a detailed theoretical foundation. Broadly, the practice of Hao Taijiquan has two parts:

Shenfa/Torso Methods

- The first part consists of practicing the external forms – the movement of the posture and the torso methods (shenfa). Emphasis is placed on correct anatomical alignment and integrated movement. This foundation allows the practitioner to fully access the power inherent in his or her body.

Internal Structure

- The second part focuses on internal structure. In this stage the mind (yi) becomes primary. Taijiquan theory states that where the mind (yi) reaches, the qi reaches, and the energy (jing) follows. Awareness must be unbroken, so that the qi and the energy are unbroken. In a state of utmost calmness the mind is highly focused in the body, continually checking that all parts of the body are natural and relaxed. With increased sensitivity the practitioner achieves a high level of postural control, using the mind to sink the muscle and qi, expand the posture, and open and close the joints.


In paired exercises this awareness, sensitivity and structure is directed at a partner, contesting balance and control. Taijiquan’s martial skills are developed in this manner. 

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About Haotaiji

Hao Style Taijiquan Research Institute is dedicated to preserving and passing on the internal system as passed down by Master Liu Jishun who is the longest serving and representative of the the Hao family as authorised by Hao Shaoru.

The institute is made up of disciples of the last inheritor chosen to uphold the art, responsible for teaching and maintaining the transmission of the true Hao lineage.

Never has the true direct lineage come into public domain from Wu Yuxiang through to Hao Shaoru until Master Liu taught openly in an international capacity.

ancient manuals

Founders Experience Sum 100 Years!

Read a little background info into the founders experience and comments on the art of Hao Taijiquan.  Gain some insight into the ancient transmission that created the Taiji Classics!
Sifu Oz

Founder Sifu Oz

Asia Head

The Hao style syllabus includes sets of exercises of varying length and complexity. These exercises are informed by a detailed theoretical foundation.

Sifu Jon

Founder Sifu Jon

USA Head

I began my studies with my father-in-law in 1995 when he arrived here from Shanghai. Over the years I've come to realize a close relationship between the two arts of Taiji and Healing. Qualified CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) Tuina Instructor

Sifu Andy

Founder Sifu Andy

Europe Head

"Through my many years experience in training and teaching I have come to realise that it is the purity of linage and direct oral transmission of the art that is of prime importance."

Sifu Mario

UK Head Instructor

Learning and coaching are my passion. When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.


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