Fa Jing Hao Shao Ru - Form Secrets Revealed! BBC Trailer

BBC Discover Hidden Side of Tai Chi


BBC Sports presenter, Mike Bushell, recently visited the Hao Tai Chi Association based in Palmers Green, to experience this rarely seen style in action and to participate in self-defence demonstrations.  He will be presenting his report on Saturday 10th April in his regular slot on the BBC1 Breakfast Programme. Ugur Osman, Head of the UK Hao Tai Chi Association said ‘People in the West generally understand that there are health benefits associated with practising Tai Chi, but Mike was surprised to learn that the soft flowing movements, actually have their true origins in an extremely effective martial art, which is rarely taught in the West’.

The Association hold regular FREE introductory sessions open to all, in St John’s Church Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green. For those unable to attend this event, information on the Association’s other classes can be found at www.haotaiji.com or call Mario on 07846 655629. (
Click here to view clip on BBC)

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