Liu Jishun

It was during this time that Master Liu Jishun became one of Hao Shaoru’s first two students.  In the 40+ years since Master Liu Jishun has never stopped practicing this style. 

Torso methods

Essential requirements in tai chi that must be fully understood and practiced in order to progress in this art. The thirteen requirements (as spelled out in tai chi classics by Wu Yuxiang, etc.) consist of the eight torso methods and the five essential requirements: Read Quintessence for further detail here.

Hao Style Genealogy

Our traceable lineage begins with.. Wu Yuxiang or Wu Yu-hsiang (1812–1880) was a t’ai chi ch’uan (taijiquan) teacher and government official active during the late Qing dynasty.[1] Wu was a scholar from a wealthy and influential family who became a senior student (along with his two older brothers Wu Chengqing 武澄清 and Wu Ruqing 武汝清)